The Growth Finance Awards team has just published a free, 60-page guide for growing businesses.

It’s the most comprehensive guide on this subject ever published.


But why did we bother?

Because we’re determined to fix one of the biggest headaches for ambitious businesses.

Financial education. A wealth of banks, online platforms, and information portals are supporting SMEs day in day out. Many of them picked up prizes in the first-ever Growth Finance Awards last year.


But too few growing business leaders understand their financial options.

Because there’s an education gap.

Consider this:

  • Less than one third of SMEs are willing to borrow to help fuel their growth.
  • 40% of SMEs think they’ll get turned down for a loan if they apply – but, actually, eight in 10 who apply are accepted.
  • Less than 20% of SMEs research their options online once they’ve identified a need for finance.
  • The average SME is chasing five unpaid invoices at once – risking insolvency when easily-available financial products can help.


But this new Guide will help, and below is what you can find inside.

It’s been written for SME decision-makers who want to learn about the range of debt finance options available to their growing businesses.


It’s packed full of practical advice and useful content:

  • Real life case studies

Meet the SMEs that have used finance to scale their businesses.

  • The nuts and bolts of different financial products

How is venture debt different from a bank loan? Can I get help selling products abroad? How can I fix my cash flow problem?

  • First steps

How to get your business finance ready before approaching lenders.

  • Sharp analysis from expert partners

Key insights from the lenders who work with SMEs week in, week out.


If you or your clients find this guide useful then please share it with your network.

It’s time to tackle the education gap.



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