Industry Game-Changer


MI Capital Research Ltd (MICAP) is a provider of quality independent due diligence and research into the alternative investment market.

Founded in 2013, MICAP also provides an innovative and user-friendly online system for advisors and investors considering EIS, VCT, SEIS and BPR investment.

The market for investments benefiting from these government incentives has been around for many years, but their popularity has increased over the last few, as the government has increased the amounts that can be invested in order to encourage investment in small companies. Investors and advisors have also seen alternative investments as a way to diversify away from traditional investments, seeking better returns and high growth opportunities while gaining the benefit of government tax incentives.

Advisors too are looking more closely at these investments for the many financial planning opportunities they provide through income and capital gains tax deferral and relief, inheritance tax exemption and the tax free treatment of dividends and growth.

The investment and tax benefits combined have attracted many new offers into the market and understandably private investors and advisors now seek clarity to help them to review the increasing number of alternative investment offers available and to refine and support their investment selections.

MICAP has entered this market with highly qualified and experienced sector experts to help fulfil this need. MICAP’s commitment is to empower investors and advisors with information and analysis on these exciting investment opportunities.