Mercia Fund Managers

Mercia’s vision is to become a leading national player in the creation, funding, incubation and development of high-growth technology businesses with an emphasis in the Midlands and the North of the UK. Mercia brings together technology transfer, company formation and incubation, commercialisation and investment, to technology ventures.

The Directors believe that there is a significant opportunity in the Midlands and the North of the UK to develop leading technology businesses through the efficient and targeted provision of capital and support, creating substantial value for Shareholders.

Mercia is focused on creating and developing companies which combine technology and service provision, are rich in intellectual property, are scalable and require relatively modest capital infusion. Mercia focuses on some of the highest growth sectors in the UK, leveraging deep expertise across a number of arenas – including digital, electronics and hardware, advanced materials, engineering and specialised manufacturing and life sciences.

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2016 – Finalist for Growth Investor of the Year
2016 – Finalist for Exit of Year
2015 – Shortlisted for Most Impactful Investment
2015 – Shortlisted for Industry Game-Changer
2015 – Shortlisted for Growth Investor of the Year
2015 – Winner of Industry Game-Changer
2015 – Runner-up for Most Impactful Investment