At Downing, we aim to make a difference in the lives of our investment community. We design & manage investment products that help investors look after their financial wellbeing, while our investment partnerships support businesses in their ambitions.

In uniting the two, we build lasting relationships that become the foundation of our investment community. And in our openness to learn how to develop these we continue to evolve. We value flexibility, transparency and integrity in everything we do.

Since our story began in 1986, we have been like a family; looking out, and endeavouring to do the best we can, for our members. Our ethos to ‘do the right thing’ is shared with our investors, advisers and investee companies and we aim to strike a balance between minimising risk and maximising growth for all parties involved.

So far, over 35,000 investors have been a part of what we do, and we are proud to have raised & invested over £1.7 billion into businesses that make a difference, including renewable energy, care homes, health clubs, and children’s nurseries.

Along the way we have built a vast wealth of experience and expertise, which drive our ability to create value & growth for our members.

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2016 – Finalist for Best BPR Investment Manager