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Recognising tax-efficient investment managers who champion AIM with advisers and investors and can demonstrate both outstanding performance and real commitment to the market.

Open to wealth management firms offering discretionary AIM portfolio investment management services, this award is judged on the portfolio’s performance, investee selection, investment volume and inflows, efforts to champion the AIM market and adviser outreach and education. Judges will consider how the portfolio has performed against its stated objectives and its peers, how the capital has been deployed and what activity the fund manager has undertaken to both promote AIM and engage with advisers.




Gary Butcher, CEO of Exact Financial Systems

“For the second year running, Exact is delighted to be sponsoring the Best AIM Portfolio Service Award.  Recognition for outstanding contribution to promoting the AIM market as a suitable investment opportunity is what this award is all about and the finalists are renowned in their field. Judging will no doubt be difficult this year, but whatever the outcome, each finalist without doubt will continue to generate solid investment opportunities in this most exciting of markets.”