Amicus Wealth

Amicus Wealth is a dynamic financial consultancy based in the City of London. With a vast amount of experience in the wealth management industry, the aim is to look after our existing client base to the highest standard whilst looking to grow by giving unparalleled advice to city-based professionals.

With over 20 advisers, Amicus aims to cover all areas of financial advice. After years of experience in the industry, we have developed into a group of highly qualified and motivated advisers. Our advisers have substantial existing client bases built from years in the industry. We are, however, continually looking to grow through a referral network as well as speaking to prospective new clients obtained by our marketing arm and the website. We want to take on board new clients looking for reliable advice as well as offering motivated and ambitious graduates the opportunity to develop their careers and buy into the ethos and culture of Amicus.

The future of Amicus will be shaped by the advisers, support staff and the values we stand for. Despite being a relatively new company, Amicus was started by people with a vision for doing something special in the financial services industry and, quite simply, wanting to be the leading London-based financial services company.

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