Albion Ventures

Albion Ventures is an established venture capital investor with a long-term record of backing change and growth. With funds of £450 million under investment management or administration, the Albion team invests anywhere between £250,000 and £12 million into high growth businesses.

Combining a thematic, returns-driven investment approach with specialist expertise, we target those sectors where we see opportunities for the creation of long term value. Albion’s focus is on longevity as partners in order to maximise the returns for our investors and the management teams whom we support.

Founded in 1996, Albion manages or administers the following:

• Six venture capital trusts with assets of £300 million
• The UCL Technology Fund with commitments of £50 million
• Albion Community Power with commitments of £80 million
• Albion Care Communities with commitments of £21 million

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2016 – Finalist for Best VCT Investment Manager